Who am I and what do I do?


Welcome! You have just landed on my game development portfolio. My featured content can be found lower down on this page and my latest blog posts can be found here: Blog Posts.

I know you’re probably wondering who I am and what is it that I do. Before I get into that I guess you could say I have 6 seconds to keep your attention, so here goes…

I am a passionate game programmer and level designer with over 3 years experience developing games. My ultimate goal is to create memorable and meaningful experiences through games!

With that out of the way and if you’re still reading then I thank you!

My name is Rashad Mohammed and this is my current game development blog/website/portfolio. I am a 2016 graduate of George Brown colleges game programming program. Below is a preview of some of my best work. Click on a photo to see more details about that particular project or feel free to navigate through the rest of my site and see what I’ve been up to. My site is constantly changing with new projects being added on a regular basis, so if you like what you see please subscribe/follow my page. That way you can keep up to date with everything I am working on.

GirlAndPuppyTitleScreenScreen2  uzandemo3   volcaniczeldainspiredlevel   cropped-lowpolydemoscene.png   uzan4   housebytheriver1   Monsters6.5   Extrasensory6   drawdroprollsplashormenu   CreditSplash   KingsBlood2   canonblitz1

Finally, if you have a game idea or concept and you’re looking for someone to make that idea a reality, I’m your designer/programmer! Get in touch with me via the ‘contact me’ page and we’ll set up a meeting to discuss how we can make your concept a living, breathing video game.

Once again thank you for visiting!