Global Game Jam 2016!!!

I’m excited to be attending the George Brown College Toronto Global Game Jam, which starts in just a few hours! This will personally be my third game jam in the past two years and while it’s not with my usual team of four, as two of our members had other obligations, we still have a solid team this year. Hopefully I’ll have time during the jam to update this blog as we go from the jam theme, to ideas, to game concept, to prototype and fingers crossed, a finished game by Sunday evening.

Nothing beats the environment of a game jam as its just a pressure cooker of great ideas and developers all helping each other out. Our class has at least 3 teams I know of attending this years Global Game Jam which is crazy!

On that note I’m out for now as I gotta head to the venue and get registered and meet up with my team downtown! Here is the link for the game jam website in case you were interested in what I’m talking about, or if you have no clue about what I’m talking about! 😛


I am slowly but surely making progress adding each and every game that I have made or helped make (that is the ones that are worth sharing lol) onto my blog! I still have more to add and will eventually get there, but progress is progress no matter how little.