Final T.O. Jam 2016 Update


Well T.O. Jam 2016 is over and our jam was pretty successful. Our game turned out alright and although we did not have enough time to implement our final boss, the main game mechanics are in and can easily be expanded.

Alabama Stones and the Goblet of Goat is what we named our game! A tribute to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, sort of :D. In this game you play as Alabama Stones and his adventurous side has lead him to an ominous temple where he is in search of the Goblet of Goat! As he enters the temple though he realizes that there are some mummies frozen in time. Beware of the mummies as taking them on head on will not be very smart, as you can only really kill them from behind. Alabama Stones must use his environment to hide in front of or behind objects to sneak behind the mummies. Alabama Stones also has his trusty lantern filled with kerosene, which not only lights his way, but can also be used to burn enemies too. He can also use his grapple hook (which works like Indiana Jones’s whip) to traverse up or swing across hazards. He has to make his way through the temple avoiding or killing enemies and must find the Goblet of Goat!

Our game is featured on at the following link

TO Jam 2016!

After a sweet 9 day vacation in Panama and Costa Rica, I returned last night at 2am refreshed and recharged and ready to dive right into TO Jam 2016! ( I didn’t get much sleep last night, but hey what the hell I might as well do a 3 day game jam on top of it!

This is my first TO Jam, but 4th game jam in the past 2.5 years! The theme this year is “There will be consequences”. We’ve got a pretty cool concept for our game and I will keep you informed as the jam goes on!