ROM Game Jam 2016!

Its been a long time since I’ve actually posted anything, but that’s gonna soon change and what better way to kick it off with another game jam! Not just any game jam, but the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) game jam ( which in my opinion is one of the better annual ones to attend. Reason being is that you get to stay at the museum after hours which is pretty damn cool! In addition their themes are always related to a special exhibit, or in this year’s case a brand new exhibit called The Dawn of Life. The ROM game jam also really wants you to place an emphasis on creating a game that not only engages it’s players, but can also teach them something in the process. On top of all that you can have your game displayed at the museum for the public to play test on a number of occasions. With that said we have another great team this year with an awesome idea in mind, so hopefully it all goes smoothly!

I’ll be trying to post updates on our game as it progresses, so stay tuned!