GBC Jam 6

I am currently wrapping up another game jam, my fourth for 2016! Today was GBC Jam 6 (George Brown College Jam 6) The jams theme was HOPE. I came up with a sort of dark twist to the word hope and used it as an acronym for my game called H.O.P.E. which stands for Humans Only Pollute Everything! Basically in my game you play as another sapient life form on his/her planet and well you guessed it, the dumb humans invade and basically pollute our little guys planet to near destruction. You are forced to leave your planet to seek resources from other planets to bring them back and defeat the humans and rebuild your damn planet!

This is a 12 hour game jam which is very different than the usual 48 hour weekend jams that I am used to and I am doing it solo! With that said I did not use this jam to make a small game which is what a lot of people do. I actually used it to further develop and work on my Super Mario Galaxyish prototype. I have to say I got a lot more done in the 10 hours so far than I could have imagined! I’ve got my player walking around, jumping, picking up items, throwing them at enemies (and killing them in spectacular fashion I might add). All this in addition to being able to plant seeds and in turn grow trees! Not to mention some cool planetary gravity effects. All in all I am very happy with my progress so far. Below you will see just a few screenshots of what the main planet looks like before it gets attacked and destroyed! I should add that I made all the game assets myself, obviously since I am soloing this jam haha! Gotta love low poly game assets, so simple yet so pretty to use!