GBC Toronto Global Game Jam 2017

Its another year, so that means another Global Game Jam! (
This years theme is “Waves”. It’s kind of vague, but this allows for a very wide range of possible game ideas. Our team came up with a double meaning for it where you face of against a wave of pirate ships that are invading your village from the water. You conveniently have a canon set up on your beach that can fire some long ranged non-explosive canon balls. Here’s the interesting part though, your village is not the only village that’s being invaded. Across the water is a rival village with their own canon on their beach. Every shot that you take at the pirate ships causes huge waves in the water that can push the ships to the other side of the river, which in turn will sway the pirates to shoot the other village and possibly destroy it. Better them than you right! This game is meant to be a fun and hectic 2 player vs. game that can be over in seconds if you’re quick and a bit lucky, or it could last a few minutes depending on the skill of your opponent.

Here is a day 1 screenshot:


And here is a day 2 screenshot: