Unity’s Biggest Sale Ever!

unityHey all game developers, Unity is having it’s biggest sale ever right now on the asset store. It runs until April 30th. If you’re in need of some new assets to begin or finish up that project, or to get ready for your summer term, now’s the time to grab them! Click the link below to see the sale!unity

Unity asset store sale!

Level Design with SabreCSG!

This weekend I found a great in editor level designing tool for Unity. The following screenshots are a simple mass out of a level I designed in roughly 8 hours of work, so far (it’s not finished yet!). It took me a lot longer than normal to design this level, since it was my first time using SabreCSG and I had to learn how to use it while I was building the level. If you’re familiar with any design/3D modelling software such as Blender, Maya or 3DS Max like I am then you’ll pick it up in no time whatsoever! I just love the fact that I DIDN’T have to use any of those and built this prototype right in the Unity editor! It’s such a different feeling doing that, it’s a lot easier working in editor and for anyone who isn’t well versed in those other programs, but loves to design and build levels, well this is for you since it allows rapid level prototyping and did I mention it’s also free!