Character Customization in Unity

This is just a little something I have been working on for a client. None of the assets are theirs, so I can share what I have programmed for the character customization scene I am currently building for them! It’s not polished by any means at all, but it is something I spent a fair amount of time on in the past week or so and I am proud of my progress. Especially since almost any programmer will tell you it’s not an easy task to program a menu that allows players to swap out clothes, hair etc, while being able to change the colour of each object and have it attached and animated properly to the characters mesh! Click the link below to see it in action!

Character Customization in Unity video


Unity’s Biggest Sale Ever!

unityHey all game developers, Unity is having it’s biggest sale ever right now on the asset store. It runs until April 30th. If you’re in need of some new assets to begin or finish up that project, or to get ready for your summer term, now’s the time to grab them! Click the link below to see the sale!unity

Unity asset store sale!

Level Design with SabreCSG!

This weekend I found a great in editor level designing tool for Unity. The following screenshots are a simple mass out of a level I designed in roughly 8 hours of work, so far (it’s not finished yet!). It took me a lot longer than normal to design this level, since it was my first time using SabreCSG and I had to learn how to use it while I was building the level. If you’re familiar with any design/3D modelling software such as Blender, Maya or 3DS Max like I am then you’ll pick it up in no time whatsoever! I just love the fact that I DIDN’T have to use any of those and built this prototype right in the Unity editor! It’s such a different feeling doing that, it’s a lot easier working in editor and for anyone who isn’t well versed in those other programs, but loves to design and build levels, well this is for you since it allows rapid level prototyping and did I mention it’s also free!

GBC Toronto Global Game Jam 2017

Its another year, so that means another Global Game Jam! (
This years theme is “Waves”. It’s kind of vague, but this allows for a very wide range of possible game ideas. Our team came up with a double meaning for it where you face of against a wave of pirate ships that are invading your village from the water. You conveniently have a canon set up on your beach that can fire some long ranged non-explosive canon balls. Here’s the interesting part though, your village is not the only village that’s being invaded. Across the water is a rival village with their own canon on their beach. Every shot that you take at the pirate ships causes huge waves in the water that can push the ships to the other side of the river, which in turn will sway the pirates to shoot the other village and possibly destroy it. Better them than you right! This game is meant to be a fun and hectic 2 player vs. game that can be over in seconds if you’re quick and a bit lucky, or it could last a few minutes depending on the skill of your opponent.

Here is a day 1 screenshot:


And here is a day 2 screenshot:





GBC Jam 6

I am currently wrapping up another game jam, my fourth for 2016! Today was GBC Jam 6 (George Brown College Jam 6) The jams theme was HOPE. I came up with a sort of dark twist to the word hope and used it as an acronym for my game called H.O.P.E. which stands for Humans Only Pollute Everything! Basically in my game you play as another sapient life form on his/her planet and well you guessed it, the dumb humans invade and basically pollute our little guys planet to near destruction. You are forced to leave your planet to seek resources from other planets to bring them back and defeat the humans and rebuild your damn planet!

This is a 12 hour game jam which is very different than the usual 48 hour weekend jams that I am used to and I am doing it solo! With that said I did not use this jam to make a small game which is what a lot of people do. I actually used it to further develop and work on my Super Mario Galaxyish prototype. I have to say I got a lot more done in the 10 hours so far than I could have imagined! I’ve got my player walking around, jumping, picking up items, throwing them at enemies (and killing them in spectacular fashion I might add). All this in addition to being able to plant seeds and in turn grow trees! Not to mention some cool planetary gravity effects. All in all I am very happy with my progress so far. Below you will see just a few screenshots of what the main planet looks like before it gets attacked and destroyed! I should add that I made all the game assets myself, obviously since I am soloing this jam haha! Gotta love low poly game assets, so simple yet so pretty to use!

ROM Game Jam 2016!

Its been a long time since I’ve actually posted anything, but that’s gonna soon change and what better way to kick it off with another game jam! Not just any game jam, but the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) game jam ( which in my opinion is one of the better annual ones to attend. Reason being is that you get to stay at the museum after hours which is pretty damn cool! In addition their themes are always related to a special exhibit, or in this year’s case a brand new exhibit called The Dawn of Life. The ROM game jam also really wants you to place an emphasis on creating a game that not only engages it’s players, but can also teach them something in the process. On top of all that you can have your game displayed at the museum for the public to play test on a number of occasions. With that said we have another great team this year with an awesome idea in mind, so hopefully it all goes smoothly!

I’ll be trying to post updates on our game as it progresses, so stay tuned!

Final T.O. Jam 2016 Update


Well T.O. Jam 2016 is over and our jam was pretty successful. Our game turned out alright and although we did not have enough time to implement our final boss, the main game mechanics are in and can easily be expanded.

Alabama Stones and the Goblet of Goat is what we named our game! A tribute to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, sort of :D. In this game you play as Alabama Stones and his adventurous side has lead him to an ominous temple where he is in search of the Goblet of Goat! As he enters the temple though he realizes that there are some mummies frozen in time. Beware of the mummies as taking them on head on will not be very smart, as you can only really kill them from behind. Alabama Stones must use his environment to hide in front of or behind objects to sneak behind the mummies. Alabama Stones also has his trusty lantern filled with kerosene, which not only lights his way, but can also be used to burn enemies too. He can also use his grapple hook (which works like Indiana Jones’s whip) to traverse up or swing across hazards. He has to make his way through the temple avoiding or killing enemies and must find the Goblet of Goat!

Our game is featured on at the following link

TO Jam 2016!

After a sweet 9 day vacation in Panama and Costa Rica, I returned last night at 2am refreshed and recharged and ready to dive right into TO Jam 2016! ( I didn’t get much sleep last night, but hey what the hell I might as well do a 3 day game jam on top of it!

This is my first TO Jam, but 4th game jam in the past 2.5 years! The theme this year is “There will be consequences”. We’ve got a pretty cool concept for our game and I will keep you informed as the jam goes on!

Global Game Jam 2016!!!

I’m excited to be attending the George Brown College Toronto Global Game Jam, which starts in just a few hours! This will personally be my third game jam in the past two years and while it’s not with my usual team of four, as two of our members had other obligations, we still have a solid team this year. Hopefully I’ll have time during the jam to update this blog as we go from the jam theme, to ideas, to game concept, to prototype and fingers crossed, a finished game by Sunday evening.

Nothing beats the environment of a game jam as its just a pressure cooker of great ideas and developers all helping each other out. Our class has at least 3 teams I know of attending this years Global Game Jam which is crazy!

On that note I’m out for now as I gotta head to the venue and get registered and meet up with my team downtown! Here is the link for the game jam website in case you were interested in what I’m talking about, or if you have no clue about what I’m talking about! 😛