Current Project – Name Unknown! (in progress)

I’m currently working on a personal project which in the end will be a small demo level of a horror/psychological thriller type game. I guess you could say my inspirations for this are the Resident Evil and Silent Hill franchises. I’ve always loved horror games, but really dislike how most, if not all horror games today tend to veer off into action horror games! Very few stick to their horror guns. With that said I thought I would share some screen shots of a level that I started building yesterday. I really dislike showing off levels and game play that’s unfinished, but I thought it would be cool to do it this time since it’s a nice way to see your progress on a weekly basis. Currently I am just focusing on building the level and that is all that will be featured for now. The terrain is completely bare and only partially sculpted, trees and grass will be added much later. The main aspect of this levels end goal is ambiance! The player should eventually feel a sense of curiosity, but also uneasiness. The environment must look dark, weathered, dilapidated and abandoned.

Well time to get back to work! I’m working on adding in a motel and factory today. I’ll be posting updates regularly so stay tuned!

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