Draw, Drop and Roll

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iOS Game Development Course

My roles on this project: Game designer, level designer, artist and programmer.

This little gem was developed for our iOS development course in our final year. It was a group project and was completed with a team of 5. We had to use Xcode and Swift 2.0 to program this game. We have not yet published it, but will most likely continue to develop it in the coming summer months and try to publish it in the near future.

This was an idea that I had been thinking about for a couple months. In Draw, Drop and Roll, the player must draw one continuous line (using the mobiles touch input of course) to separate the prey animals from the predatory ones. Gravity is not initiated until after you ‘draw’ your line and press play. Upon pressing play the animals will ‘drop’ and ‘roll’ according to the lines you have drawn, hopefully rolling to separate sides of the screen.

I personally created all of the art assets for the game. This included all of the backgrounds, title screen, level selection screen, buttons and animals. It was my first true venture into vector art. I used Inkscape, which is an amazing free vector art program, which you can download here. It was a lot of fun creating backgrounds, UI elements, and of course cute little animals! In addition to the game art and level design, I also programmed the button functionality, screen transitions and animal combinations per level into the game. Finally, I tied everything together at the end of the project to get it ready for our submission deadline and in class demo.

I very much enjoyed the design aspect of this project as well as creating all of the art assets. It was quite a lot of work to do, but it gave me a better understanding of what it takes to design a game from the top down, as opposed to just programming one and not having to worry about the art and the game design aspect of it.

The game was well received by our peers and our professor who gave us a mark of 100% for the project! He also said that this game has a lot of potential!

Game started in February 2016 and completed in April 2016.


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