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Royal Ontario Museum Game Jam 2014 – Unity 3D

My roles on this project: Level designer and programmer.

This game was our very first attempt at a game jam. We signed up for the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) game jam in August of 2014. It was an unbelievable experience and one that definitely pushed our team of 4 to the limit.  The theme of the jam was ‘Human Evolution’.

Even though our team consisted of 4 programmers we had to divide all tasks to make an entire game. This meant that not all four of us would be programming. Two of us took on the majority of the programming, one did the art work for the game and I did the level design. This was my very first attempt at doing any kind of level design for a game with multiple levels and it was definitely a challenge as we had 2 days to make an entire game! It was this pressure that made it that much more fun than making a game over a month or more.

Our concept was a 2D side scrolling plat-former where humans had ventured, explored and colonized many planets beyond our solar system. In doing so they had to evolve to suit each planets extreme circumstances. We decided to have 5 levels (planets) the first being our earth where all of the players senses were intact and working normally. Each subsequent planet/level would be similar in terms of the layout, but one of the players following senses (sight, sound, sense of balance and sense of time) was stripped to represent how humans may have had to evolve to survive on the respective planet. It was a lot of fun devising ways to actually implement the absence of a specific sense and how to represent it in a game. The end result was an amazing game called Extrasensory that was chosen as one of the best 8 games of the jam. As a result our game was on display at the ROM on 2 occasions between September 2014 and March 2015 for children to play and enjoy as they visited the museum. It was quite the experience to see their reactions as they played our game!

Game started and completed in August 2014.


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