Game Jam Games

Game jams are where you get together with like minded individuals for usually a weekend and simply jam to the beat of hammering out a game in less than 3 days!

So far I have attended 7 game jams in the past 3 years: The ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) Game Jam in August of 2014 and September of 2016, Toronto Global Game Jam in January of 2015, 2016 and 2017, T.O. Jam in May of 2016 and GBC Jam 6 in December of 2016.

The sheer intensity of a game jam is always a rush! The key though, as I have learned over the first few jams is to keep your game idea simple, yet fun and most importantly keep your games scope manageable. Do that and you will finish your game, it may not be as extravagant or great as you envisioned it, but at least you will have a finished product that can be easily expanded upon in the future. At the very least you will have some great game mechanics that you can use in future projects, not to mention getting some exposure along the way!

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