In The Wisp of Time

This is a game I made for Matthew Palajes Let’s Create Game Jam #1. It was a month long game jam that commenced on August 1st and concluded on August 25th (2017). The jams theme was, 30 Second Quest. A requirement of the jam was that, other than in engine defaults, everything else from programming, to art, to models, to audio, had to be created by you (or your team if you were part of one, which I was not :D). It was a great experience doing everything from scratch. Especially seeing how the game turned out and realizing how much you can accomplish in 3-4 weeks!

The game isn’t finished yet, but it is currently in it’s ‘game jam submission’ state, which is fully playable, but not bug free! Further development will continue on this game because I can definitely see the potential to expand on it, by adding a number of other features and game mechanics that I just did not have time to implement during the game jam period.

You can see some screen shots of the game during its various development stages below. You can also download and play the game from my page here: My page.


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