Kings Blood

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Console Game Development II Course

My roles on this project: Game designer, level designer, 3D modeler, animator and programmer.

Kings Blood was built using Unreal Engine 4 and was our final year project for our Console Development II course. This demo was created by a team of 7. We had used the engine in a previous semester, but nothing in depth. This time round we were given free reign. We came up with the idea, game concept, prototype, distribution of tasks and so on, all the way to completing a fully functional level in a game from start to end. The only thing the professor did was give us deadlines and made sure we completed our tasks on time.

The premise of the game was supposed to be a first person shooter/horror game, but we ended up turning that around into a first person horror-ish game where you play as the antagonist, which is a vampire. You arrive in this town to take revenge on the king for past transgressions against you. Your goal is to take over as much of the towns people as you can by drinking their blood. When you have taken over everyone in the town you will have maximum power and can then attempt to take on the king and his guards to exact revenge.

I personally worked on the games AI system which included way-point patrolling peasants, a dialogue system between the player and peasants, luring peasants to blood sucking zones and guards that attack the player if they get too close. Additionally I also designed the kings chamber at the end of the level and did all of the lighting effects on the entire level.

Another task which I took on and am very proud of was actually modelling the first person arms and fully animating them in blender before importing them into Unreal 4. This was my first time actually rigging and animating a model from scratch. I had made models in blender before, but nothing quite like this. I truly enjoyed doing this, as it took me away from programming for a bit and was a nice change of pace. I think I will continue to make my own models going forward for some of my upcoming projects!

This project definitely has potential for further development and I would like to continue to work on this. I would especially like to improve and build on the current AI system in place and make it very dynamic if time allows me to.

Game started in February 2016 and completed milestone goals in April 2016. Further development required.

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