Memory Match Game – Super Mario Style


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This was the first game we had to create in our program. The requirements were a basic memory match card game where one flips over two cards and tries to match them. If a match is found those two cards are removed or just taken out of play and you continue to flip cards until you find all the matches. If a match is not found those two cards are returned to the board face down and the player continues to try to find matches. We also had to incorporate a win-lose condition and difficulty levels. I figured the simplest way to do this would be to add a timer to handle the win-lose condition and give the player less time to find all matches at higher difficulties.

I definitely wanted it to be a Super Mario themed game, so I decided to call it Super Pipe Hunter. A match game where you simply click on the warp pipes to find out who is hiding in each pipe and make matches based on the Nintendo characters in the pipes.

The most challenging aspect of making this game was figuring out which language or game engine to use. Since I had no prior programming knowledge I had to wait almost a month to learn enough JavaScript in order to even begin to program the game! The next major challenge was trying to get a simple card flip mechanic. Took me some time, but eventually I figured it out and the rest was mostly smooth sailing from that point on. I got the game done in about a month.

Game started and completed in February 2014.

All art assets were found online and some were slightly modified.

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