Monsters In Your Room


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Game Artificial Intelligence Course

My roles on this project: Game designer, level designer and programmer.

This game was made for my third year artificial intelligence (AI) class. We were given free reign in terms of the concept of the game. All that was required was for the player to defend a base (or their self) against oncoming waves of enemies. Each subsequent enemy type (no less than 3 enemy types) would display a slightly different behavior with increasing difficulty for the player to dispatch. As the waves increased the players weapons could be upgraded in order to allow the player to cope with the more difficult enemies.

My concept for the game was one where the player would be placed in the shoes of a child who was experiencing a nightmare in which his/her toys were coming to life on their bed and attacking them. The only option for the child was to fight back. The game is still in the prototype stage, but all of the AI mechanics and types were implemented  as well as all of the players weapon upgrades.

As you can see in the slideshow above, the player is the green capsule with the gun. The first wave of enemies (yellow ‘minion’ capsules) were just simple seek and destroy AI. The second wave incorporated an AI with guns (red ‘lieutenant’ capsules) that would go to a random spot on the bed and shoot at the player. The final AI was the ‘boss’ that emerges from the closet in the back of the room. It had a set path around the bed and would continuously shoot at the player with his right hand while spawning ‘minions’ (yellow capsules) onto the bed from his left hand. All AI’s had simple path-finding abilities so that they would not run into level objects.

All of the art and models were freely found on the Unity asset store. I do intend on expanding this game further with my own player and enemy models, since it looked really nice (as I’ve been told by classmates 🙂 ) and I liked the concept of finally implementing a little back story into a game. Not to mention programming the AI was really fun and I would love to make more complex AI in the future!

Game started in October 2015 and completed (all required components for assignment) in December 2015. Game currently still in progress.

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