School Projects

I have completed numerous projects/games while attending George Brown College. I think the best way to organize this section would be by semester, since our program required us to make many games/simulations in 6 semesters.


First semester (Jan. – Apr. 2014):

This was probably the most daunting semester of all, as I had just about 3 months to make 3 fully functional games. It was a steep learning curve, but in the end was extremely rewarding. We had to make the following games:

  • Memory match card game.
  • Blackjack, and
  • An Asteroids clone.


Second semester (May – Aug. 2014):

I secured an internship with a post graduate student that was working on his thesis. This was an 8 month internship in which I worked with a full team and helped make 4 games. The link below will take you to his online portfolio where you can see the following games that I worked on (

  • Impussible Kitty.
  • Ruzty Duck Shooter.
  • Torontronik Overload, and
  • Pacha Spazehawgs.


Third semester (Sept. – Dec. 2014):

While continuing my internship I also had a few projects to build in our OpenGL and data structures class.

  • Built a simulated model of our solar system in OpenGL.
  • Created a squash simulation in OpenGL, and
  • Created a stock buying/selling simulator in C++ for our data structures class.


Fourth semester (Jan. – Apr. 2015):

  • Helped clone the first level of Super Mario Bros. (world 1-1) in SFML.
  • Created a simple top-down 2D dungeon puzzle game for our software engineering class. The game was not the main focus of the class. It was more the process of using agile methodology as a group to finish a project efficiently and on time.


Fifth semester (Sept. – Dec. 2015):

  • Created an artificial intelligence (AI) game where we had to use at least 3 different types of game AI’s.
  • Helped develop an Android game with Android Studio and published it on the Play Store.
  • Helped develop a local multiplayer PC game called The Ninja Games where players are placed in the shoes of ninjas and must sneakily seek out other players and assassinate them.
  • Created a physics based bowling simulation in OpenGL using the Bullet game engine.


Sixth semester (Jan. 2016 – Apr. 2016):

Our final semester was a very heavy semester in terms of the amount of projects we had to program! We didn’t have many final exams which was great considering how many games/simulations we had to complete in less than 4 months.

  • Programmed a Towers of Hanoi game in OpenGL.
  • Helped program a game in Unreal Engine 4 with a team of 5.
  • Built a basic game engine from scratch and used it to make a Pac-Man clone.
  • Helped develop an iOS game using Swift 2.0 and SpriteKit.
  • Programmed a locally networked 2D Drag Racer game in C++ using RakNet.



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