The Hangry Volcano

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Toronto Global Game Jam 2016 – Unity 3D

This was my 3rd game jam in the past 2 and a half years! The Hangry Volcano was our entry into Toronto Global Game Jam 2016. The theme was a one-worder… Ritual. That was all we had to work with in this game jam. We had a pretty different team than I am used to for this jam. It took our team a while to come up with a good idea, but after a long 4 hours we finally settled on ritualistic volcanic sacrifice! What a way to go!

The premise of our game was simple: you play as a villager that has to sacrifice whatever the volcano asks for (via an Shaman conduit!) in order to prevent it from erupting and destroying your precious little island. Even if it asked for a taco or babies! Yes you can sacrifice babies in our game.

I personally set up the version control for this project. I then worked on some level design (the underground dungeon), I also programmed: teleportation devices around the island so the player can travel quickly and moving platforms within the dungeon to get around. All of the particle and lighting effects within the game was done by yours truly. I tried my best to make the volcano look fiery! I think I did a decent job 😉

We had a lot of fun getting this game going and in the end it was quite the rush just to get it to a working state in 2 days! Game jams can be so nice, yet so time intensive, but in that comes the fun and creativity. It really pushes you to see what you’re made of.

You can even play our game at the following link: Hopefully the download works, its been known to not work all of the time. Sorry if it doesn’t!

Game started and completed in January 2016.


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