Turtles Alive!

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Toronto Global Game Jam 2015

My roles on this project: Level designer and programmer.

This was our second game jam as a team of 4 (The Elite 4 :P). It was at Toronto Global Game Jam in January of 2015. Entering this game jam we had a much better understanding of the pressure that comes with jams. Most importantly we learned not to have too much of a large scope because you only have 2 days or so to make a fully functioning game! The theme of the jam was ‘What do we do now?’, so our concept was a simple one and one that was decided in pretty much under an hour! One of our teammates came up with the idea that we should guide baby turtles to safety because as soon as they hatch they undoubtedly look at each other and say “what do we do now?”.

We decided it was finally time to use version control. We used bitbucket and sourcetree and this definitely made our lives easier, knowing that we could all work in the same project and not have to piece things together at the end into one master project.

This game was a top down RTS style survival game where you guide your newly hatched baby turtles to the safety of the ocean, which is a ways away I might add. All the while though you have to avoid some natural predators that will, you guessed it, try to eat your baby turtles!

I personally did some level design, handled some of the scoring, programmed the day-night cycle (where the day time sun fades into a moon at night) and created the selection box that allows you to select up to 10 turtles at once as a group to be moved.

You can play our game at the following links:

if (running IE, FireFox or Opera) { Then go here: http://davetamayo.itch.io/ }

else if (running Chrome) { Go here: http://globalgamejam.org/2015/games/turtles-alive }

Game started and completed in January 2015.

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